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Why give away control of your art and money? Beyond our membership packages, we offer one-off services for everything you could ever need. Need a tour booked? Need help with social media or promoting a show? Need a poster designed? We have hired the most qualified professionals to work with you on all of it. See below for the options and let us know how we can help you!


We will help get you shows and tours booked. 

Social Media Management

We’ll run your socials for you. 

Event Production

We’ll work with you to create a magical event.

Show Marketing

Get people to show up at your shows. 


Hourly or 5-hour 1 week program + 30 min call with founder / CEO.

Radio Submissions

We’ll submit you to local and national radio. Includes free eBook.

Website Design

A website is essential in our digital world because it’s something YOU own.

Graphic Design

Show posters, album art, shirts, stickers, buttons, logos, and more.

Branding Exercise

This template is hugely helpful for leading you in defining your brand and how to represent that in all you do.

Band Critique Report

The beginning of your growth should start with this 5 page critique. It’s heavy on business and not your music.

Create Booking Pitch

Decades in booking have made us experts at the pitch. If you want to DIY your booking, let us help you. 

Create Marketing Plan

Creating good music means nothing if you can’t market it and get it in front of people. 

Email Marketing

We’ll set up your email. Includes 1 free template.

Create EPK

We will create a one-sheet electronic press kit for you.

Tour Publicity

We’ll work to get you press coverage while your on tour. 

Write Bio

Band bios are tricky and we’re here to help! 


Work with us to create a basic or premium video. Coming soon.

Increase Social Media Likes

Get more followers. We’ll include our eBook “How to Increase Social Media Followers.”

Growth Plan

This is the perfect next step after your Band Critique Report. We’ll give you suggestions on things you can do to reach your goals.

Write Press Release

We will create a press release for and send it to your local or national media. We’ll also send you a free copy of our eBook, “The Ps of Press.”


Take new promo pictures. Coming soon.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


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